Know Where You Stand With Your Customers

CX IQ is a jumpstart tool that evaluates your effectiveness in creating, delivering, and sustaining a compelling CX. In each CX IQ engagement, we will:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses across seven dimensions of CX capability
  • Assess your level of competitive risk
  • Build an action plan to identify quick wins and a long-term strategy to improve your CX capabilities

CX IQ is a highly effective way to engage your management team, create alignment, and spark action so that you can make focused decisions about where and how to improve your customer experience.

For two years, I’ve been trying to convince our Board to approve a digital strategy project. We know our customers are frustrated, but I don’t have enough information to create a sense of urgency.

The CX IQ Approach

CX IQ combines our proprietary tools and a planning methodology that’s been refined through more than 100 digital transformation projects. It recognizes the fact that financial resources are limited, management time is precious, and that CX improvement projects must be driven by customer insight.

With this in mind, CX IQ is structured as a six-week project with tightly defined scope and deliverables. It follows a three-phase approach that is focused on understanding your organizational capability to deliver excellent customer experiences. The evaluation is supported with research and data, as well as a comparison against industry standards and vertical best practices.

The output is a formal measurement of your CX capabilities, with an action plan to improve CX effectiveness.

Phase I: Human-Centered Insight

CUSTOMER RESEARCH: Understand your most valuable customers’ expectations and how you measure up today

EMPLOYEE RESEARCH: Identify issues and opportunities for CX improvement by asking your customer-facing employees

MANAGEMENT TEAM RESEARCH: Thoroughly assess your organization’s ability to deliver an exceptional CX with key functional leaders

Phase II: Delivery Insight

CHANNEL EVALUATION: A comprehensive review of your engagement channels and effectiveness in supporting your customer journey

ENGAGEMENT ANALYSIS: A quantitative assessment of the ecosystem that influences your customer journey

TECHNOLOGY + OPERATIONS ASSESSMENT: A detailed review of the enabling technology and operational processes that support or impede the desired CX

Phase III: CX Insight

CX SCORECARD: Your CX benchmark score and evaluation of key capabilities

CX WORKSHOP EVENT: Cross-functional team event that defines and prioritizes your CX improvement agenda

CX RECOMMENDATIONS LIST: A prioritized list of CX improvement tactics, with implementation detail, to guide your management team

“We all nod in agreement about our corporate CX strategy in management meetings, but it’s a different story in our staff meetings. We tell our teams to focus on our departmental KPIs, because we’re at risk if we miss those numbers.”

Deliverables: Insight, CX IQ Score, Action Plan, Alignment

The CX IQ process includes defined deliverables for each component, including an action plan that defines:

  • Key initiatives
  • Level of complexity
  • Projected business impact

One of the most important elements of the engagement is a moderated workshop led by our strategy director, who has more than 15 years of experience helping top brands to elevate their customer experiences. This session has proven to be a highly effective way to create alignment and support with your management team and key functional leaders, and to work through the potential barriers that might undermine the execution.

Two Ways to Get Started


If you’d like to learn more about the seven dimensions of CX effectiveness, best practices and key issues that you should discuss with your management team, download our recent guide, “Building Your CX Strategy: Seven Dimensions for Success.”


We have identified 57 attributes that determine an organization’s ability to deliver an effective customer experience. The online survey can be completed in 10 minutes and is a quick way to evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses. To take the survey, please contact us by completing the form below.

If you’d prefer to arrange a phone conversation, please complete the form shown below and we’ll follow up with you.