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American Multinational Software Corporation

Cognitive Virtual Agent Improves the Customer Experience

Our client is helping people imagine, design, and make a better world with software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries.

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A Frustrating Service Desk Experience

Customers calling in with service requests and questions were met with an inefficient, frustrating user experience due largely to slow resolution times and mismanaged requests. Our client wanted to improve this crucial customer experience and reduce the time it took to resolve issues and requests.

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AI and Machine Learning Elevate Customer Experience

We implemented a cognitive virtual agent solution to elevate and automate the customer service experience. This robust platform leverages AI and machine learning to manage conversations between virtual agents and end customers, thereby improving, transforming, and automating interactions. It enables automaton of branching conversations and employs machine learning algorithms to provide the best possible answer to short text, while making predictions on how to handle each request. It also understands the intent behind conversations allowing it to function as a digital, intelligent concierge.

When customers visit the site they can type questions into a chat window and receive answers from the our client's Virtual Agent (AVA) instantly. For instance, a user can tell AVA, “I’m getting error 1603 during installation,” and immediately have access to troubleshooting instructions and other related fixes. AVA effectively reduces remediation time for the customer and streamlines the solution by providing information in one convenient place.

We helped reduce support costs by 90% and resolution times by 99%


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Virtual Agent Delivers Tangible Results

Our client's new virtual agent platform gives customers a better experience and reduces overall support costs.

  • Improved the service request user experience
  • Reduced resolution times by 99%
  • Decreased support costs by 90%
  • Autonomously handles approximately 60% of tier-1 requests from start to finish
  • 300% increase in web traffic from users electing to use the virtual agent platform versus other customer service outlets

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