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The Atlantic

Crafting an Immersive Reading Experience to Enhance Traditional Editorial Content

The Atlantic tapped Labs to create three interactive articles examining the emerging topic of population health. Using seamless 3D visuals, we crafted an immersive reading experience that enhanced traditional editorial content.

The Atlantic
The Atlantic

Rich, Digital Storytelling

We brought data to life by taking a cinematic approach to digital storytelling — creating 3D environments in WebGL and using these to shape the narrative. We used a multitude of 3D environments across three articles, assisting but never overwhelming the story.

Critical thinking, sharp aesthetics, collaborative spirit. These guys have it. Emersson Barillas, Exec Creative Director, Atlantic RE:Think

Interactive, But Natural

Prioritizing reading, we relied on a unique but familiar scrolling interaction to reveal content in a natural way. This gave each reader a customized experience where they could consume content at their natural pace — not displacing, but enhancing each reader’s path.

The Atlantic

Telling the Story With Data

Each article segment supports a unique 3D scene from its respective locale. In many cases, we mapped data from public sources on these scenes. We utilized an array of public data, from population to healthcare provider locations to insurance coverage statistics.

A Simple Truth

The Power of Natural Scrolling

Rethinking two of the most fundamental characteristics of the web, we can customize reading and scrolling to serve each user — while still telling a compelling, data-driven story.

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