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Creating an App That Served Over 12 Million Web Requests

In 2008, CNN debuted their touchscreen “Magic Wall” as a game changer for visually illustrating live election coverage. Ever since, viewers have been clamoring for an in-home version, so Labs teamed up with CNN to give it to them.


A Live Broadcast Companion

My Magic Wall serves as an innovative companion experience to CNN’s broadcast election coverage. The app features beautiful 3D data visualization and smooth touch support — created in partnership with Internet Explorer.

All politics is local, well now, all politics is right here, in the palm of your hand. John King, CNN

Technology Built to Scale

We created the application to support a wide variety of devices and users. The app was built with modern web technology including WebGL and Web Sockets. On election night the app served over 12 million web requests, and over 15,000 concurrent users.

A Simple Truth

Demographic data plays a crucial role in understanding election outcomes. We found a way to overlay this data set in a third dimension, allowing state districts to extrude and shift fluidly as the user compares demographic data in the app.

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