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Building Better Cloud Capabilities With Amazon Web Services

What if... we could transform a legacy SaaS application into a more intuitive, reliable, and customer-friendly platform?

eSUB’s comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile project management solution is tailored specifically for construction subcontractors to increase standardization, accountability, and productivity.

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Addressing Increasing Customer Demands

eSUB needed to replace its legacy SaaS product, which had limited functionality, performance issues, and no customization options, with a new and intuitive cloud-based product.

We implemented Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure to give eSUB a faster and more connected cloud service to address the needs of its customers.

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Helping Subcontractors Get It Done With AWS

eSUB serves skilled trade subcontractors by helping them build better with tools such as field reporting, tracking productivity and expenses, and document management.

We deployed a high-level AWS architecture and framework to provide eSUB improved capabilities and functionality including:

  • Field note functionality
  • Construction project setup
  • Data lake architecture
  • Quality assurance (QA) framework

We also integrated the latest cutting-edge AWS tools to give eSUB a robust, new, and industry-leading product, running completely on AWS infrastructure and technology. These include:

  • Amplify for mobile
  • Sync technology
  • Data services
  • Containers
  • App sync

Next, we helped eSUB migrate its existing customers to the new platform, and will continue to migrate customer database and information over time as eSUB gains market share.

We implemented Amazon Web Services for eSub, giving them a faster and more connected cloud service to address the needs of its customers. 


A man in a hard hat, safety vest, and glasses smiling at his tablet while he works.

Transitioning to a Cloud-First Infrastructure 

Moving to the cloud allowed eSUB to sunset its legacy SaaS application and pave the way for additional technological adoption and transformation.

The company can now better market its application to prospective subcontractors and offer existing customers a more reliable, fast, and easy-to-operate platform.

eSUB chose Perficient for this important work due in part to our reputation as an Amazon Web Service Advanced Consulting Partner with expertise in delivering industry-leading cloud platform solutions.

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