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Fortune 50 Health Insurer

Reshaping Customer Engagement

Our client, a Fortune 50 Health Insurer, was experiencing inefficiencies and limitations due to its outdated martech stack. It wanted a marketing automation platform that would allow its team of three marketers to centralize and automate campaign efforts and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

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One Platform. Every Channel.

The client chose a Marketo-based marketing automation strategy to integrate with its internal call centers, sales and service teams, data sciences team, as well as its media buyer, webcast service provider, and social media channels. This eliminated several outdated, siloed systems in favor of one integrated platform that supported every channel.

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Built to Scale

Leaning heavily on Marketo Web Personalization and Marketo’s ability to natively integrate with internal systems, the client’s marketing team, in partnership with Perficient, transformed its processes, resulting in:  

  • Unified data across all member partners
  • Statistical modeling, list scoring, and persona modeling to support list procurement for strong data
  • Campaign management and performance tracking
  • Personalized messages across each sales segment, market, and individual employer
  • Better-qualified leads to the sales teams with a lead scoring engine
  • Increased customers, leads, and prospects
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Speed and Sophistication

The marketing team needed to deliver the personalized campaigns across multiple geographies quickly. Our experts provided rapid enablement via:  

  • Technical creation of web personalization and engagement campaigns
  • Development of a custom testing portal for viewing personalized segments that resulted in increased efficiency in creation and testing
  • Optimization of microsites that resulted in reduced page load times and lower bounce rates


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With Marketo, the client’s marketing team delivered on its promise to increase awareness, market share, membership, and revenue. They own the individual customer conversations and proved that engagement marketing drives revenue.

The original investment generated $34 million in revenue in the first year, and positioned the marketing team as a credible, reliable, and trustworthy resource that contributes to membership and revenue growth.

Results included: 

  • 46x ROI per campaign advertising cost
  • 15x ROI per technology, creative services, and advertising cost
  • $75M revenue generated at the time of this report

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