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Global Risk and Compliance Company 

Developing a Third-Party Risk Management Tool

Our client is a global regulatory and financial crime, risk, and compliance company that provides technology solutions and advice to financial institutions, multinational corporations, and governmental agencies.

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Strategic Insight

Anti-corruption and bribery regulations around the world have led to a complicated international market with businesses needing to establish third-party compliance programs.

Our client had industry-leading knowledge and advisory services but needed to build a product to further empower its customers.

We partnered with our client’s business and technical teams to build advanced and intuitive software that would quickly and effectively generate risk profiles for third parties, helping its customers maintain compliance.

Image of a third-party data dashboard.

Realizing a Vision Through Collaboration

Partnering with our client, we developed a platform that delivers intelligent, adaptable risk assessments so customers can ensure they aren’t risking compliance issues in their third-party relationships.

To do this, we worked closely and iteratively with our client to test the solution and adapt to customer feedback. To increase speed to market, we leveraged design and technology investments we had already built together and then worked with the product leadership team to enhance and adapt to match their vision.

We employed various JavaScript frameworks for the front end, utilized .NET and Microsoft SQL Server for the back end, and integrated with a proprietary AI-based, automated due diligence system and several third-party software services for data intelligence, survey management, and communication.

The result was a product with an intuitive user experience and that is localized and configurable to support a diverse worldwide customer base. All information can be managed in one place, which saves money, increases accuracy, and streamlines third-party onboarding and management for customers.


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As a result of our partnership, our client solidified its position as a leader in global governance, risk, and compliance, and increase its value to its customers.

Our client’s customers can now easily leverage intelligence for improved due diligence and efficiency using a market-leading product.

For more than 20 years our product development experts have built cutting-edge, intuitive products that help our clients solve their most unique challenges.

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