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Global Technology Brand

Streamline Content, Strengthen A Global Brand

What If you could make cities smarter, make energy more efficient, and improve more lives through technology by transforming your digital experience?

That's exactly what one large semiconductor company sought to do. The company's content had become increasingly disorganized due to legacy technologies and its brand diluted as a result of inconsistent use by the multiple teams contributing to a global website. The company needed to develop a new governance model to support and strengthen its brand.

Governing the Brand

To manage the brand and ensure its proper and consistent use, the company needed a better way to monitor changes made by content authors.

We helped establish new governance and implement a content approval model. Through the use of centralized designs and standard templates across the organization, all digital information is now presented in a unified, cohesive manner.

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Content Migration

The company’s outdated legacy platform and inconsistent webpage designs had produced a decentralized and inconsistent customer experience.

We determined that a manual migration of relational data to Adobe Experience Manager was necessary for future functionality.

Using a phased approach, we successfully migrated content over the course of the project.


Today, all content flows through Adobe Experience Manager using implemented governance models, translation frameworks, and approval systems. The centrally managed system enables a global company to maintain a consistent marketing strategy and brand.

They are able to better understand their customers through the use of analytics to capture and measure data that’s readily available through a single source. Armed with actionable insights, the company can drastically improve the overall customer experience.

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