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GoPro Developer Program

Putting a New Perspective on Product Innovation

GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras, which have become the standard for how people capture themselves engaged in their interests.

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Focusing on the Future

Growing popularity, creativity, and overall enthusiasm for the GoPro brand prompted the company to explore new ways to drive product innovation and reach other markets and customer segments. As a result, GoPro launched its Developer Program in an effort to partner with companies like BMW, Fisher-Price, Periscope, and Polar, opening up the door for new opportunities to market GoPro technology via third-party products. To achieve the vision and launch the program successfully, the company needed the ability to easily engage, support, and collaborate more closely with its partners and customers by providing access to developer toolkits, innovation labs, and an online e-commerce site to expand the growth of its already-successful suite of cameras.

Making a Splash in the Developer Community

Recognizing its investment in Service Cloud to optimize support operations, and the overall flexibility and scalability of the Salesforce platform itself, GoPro chose Community Cloud to make a big splash with the launch of the GoPro Developer Program. We worked alongside three different GoPro project teams using an integrated and unified team approach to respond to tight timelines, and adhered to a specific style guide and site design directly integrated with Salesforce.

We created three independent, yet interconnected, microsites as well as two authenticated online communities to support the program. The sites were styled by our Salesforce experience design team to include:

  • Consistent branding using the Napili Community Builder template
  • Embedded sizzle reels for impact videos
  • Modal popups for a better UX within solution constraints
  • Stylized registration forms linked to Salesforce
  • Mobile responsive design
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Developer Program

The  Developer Program community provides access to various Developer Toolkits and Program Labs, as well as knowledge articles and self-service support for developers building mobile apps, third-party devices, or mounting hardware connected to GoPro devices. The community is tightly integrated with Salesforce to support lead workflows and application approval processes, case management, and a credit card payment process.

Works with GoPro

This partner community was designed to support GoPro’s companion product verification program called Works with GoPro.
Manufacturers and hardware partners can access the site to certify products and enjoy the benefits of integrated marketing and an online product showcase. Salesforce is used as a content management system and also manages the entire product certification process – starting with completed application forms generating leads created and assigned in Salesforce to approved vendors being granted logins to submit and view the status of a product certification exposed in the Works with GoPro partner community.

Custom Solutions

This site was architected for prospective live broadcasters like the NFL and NHL, as well as systems integrators interested in using GoPro’s custom solutions. We conceptualized the website design, created wireframes and provided mockups, and built the site using the platform with leads, contacts, and accounts configured in Salesforce.

You guys are rock stars! Ted Simonides, Strategic Programs Partnership Director, GoPro


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A Picture-Perfect Experience

Our team of Salesforce experience designers and Community Cloud experts delivered a user-friendly and seamless digital experience across all three microsites and online communities on time and on budget in under three months, enabling GoPro to effectively market the Developer Program at its highly publicized international launch event. GoPro anticipates additional long-term business results, including:

  • Increased capacity for product innovation to enable what’s next for its action video cameras
  • Improved speed for onboarding new third-party developers to the program
  • Accelerated growth and scalability of its third-party developer network of more than 100 partners worldwide
  • Simplified the administrative process from 30 minutes accessing three systems to three minutes using Salesforce

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