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Bringing Safety to People

An industry leader in the design, testing, and manufacturing of advanced safety systems for motor vehicles, IMMI is headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, and operates at five other locations around the globe.

The ERP Platform Wasn't Securely Fastened

IMMI’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform was being desupported, leaving the operations system at risk due to lack of support for global production issues. At the same time, the company was experiencing significant shifts in material demand, which threatened to adversely impact its supply chain. This led to excessive expedited costs for inbound materials.

Master scheduling in a flow manufacturing environment, though unconventional, is an innovative solution approach to address these specific business challenges.

Upgrading to a Nicer Suite

We upgraded IMMI’s Oracle E-Business Suite environment to R12.1.3, which allows them to continue to take advantage of product support provided by Oracle. In addition, we deployed master scheduling capability that looks at demand from the sales forecast and projects a stable demand schedule onto operations. This solution was piloted on one of IMMI’s most volatile assembly lines, and later expanded to other lines, both domestically and abroad.


Strapped in for Successful Operations

The upgrade portion of the project allowed IMMI to continue to leverage product support provided by Oracle and reduce risks to its operational systems and data.

The Master Scheduling solution: 

  • Added stability to shop floor operations and vendor shipping schedules
  • Reduced disruption to operations, resulting in increased efficiencies
  • Reduced material expediting resulting, in reduced inbound freight costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction by providing an environment where he or she can align with operational needs to find greater success.

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