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Kindred Healthcare

Visualizing Healthier Data With Microstrategy

Kindred Healthcare is the largest diversified post-acute healthcare services company in the U.S. that operates hospitals, nursing centers, and contract rehabilitation services.

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Clinical Outcomes Were Difficult to Illustrate

Kindred wanted to produce intuitive and interactive reports showcasing its exceptional outcomes, but was unable to adequately collect and illustrate the clinical outcomes of patients in its Home Health program.

The healthcare services company had nearly 150 data components and a complex reporting structure that required considerable manual effort, which made it difficult to quickly produce the visuals and insights it needed to demonstrate its care outcomes.

Several doctors having a meeting, one older female doctor is talking.

New Dashboards Put Data in View

We designed, developed, tested, and implemented new MicroStrategy dashboards that consolidated Kindred’s 150 data sources into a comprehensive, secure interface. These new dashboards allow users to manipulate views based on a variety of metrics and produce the visual reports needed to illustrate results.

These metrics include:

  • Number of eligible cases for home health care
  • Number of admissions and readmissions
  • Average rate of admission and readmission
  • Average number of therapy and nursing visits
  • Average Home Health program cost
  • Top 5 reasons for admission and readmission
  • Trends for average number of therapy/nursing visits and Home Health program cost
Kindred’s sales directors and clinical teams can now deliver succinct and accurate reports to illustrate the success and quality of the Home Health program across all locations.


A healthcare worker with her arm around an older patient's shoulder, they are smiling.

A Healthy Look at The Data That Matters

The dashboards also allow customers to see for themselves how often patients in Kindred’s Home Health programs require repeat visits to the hospital within specific periods based on the top five medical reasons and diagnosis averages.

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