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Leader in Consumer Electronic Accessories

Ensuring Smooth Transitions with Organizational Change Management

Our client, a leader in consumer electronic accessories, has grown to become a global innovator of premium protective products for smartphones and tablets.

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Executing Growth and Strategic Transformation Initiatives

What if we could double the level of stakeholder engagement and build a change management capability to support strategic transformation initiatives?

Our client, a leader in consumer electronic accessories, needed help scaling product data to increase reporting and internal processing, as well as adopt a new product hierarchy to make internal processes more efficient. In particular, the company wanted to increase its use of automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Our client also needed assistance with updating existing tool sets to integrate throughout the entire company ecosystem while prioritizing data quality across internal organizations. Upon completion, the company would be able to make informed strategic business decisions and create more customer value.

Our organizational change management (OCM) team was asked to help ensure the smooth adoption of the company-wide transformation initiative.

Enabling Change Agents

We built and delivered a plan for an in-house change management capability that entailed training our client's internal resources to execute change management best practices for both current and future strategic transformation initiatives.

As the standardization initiative progressed, our team worked with senior leadership and HR representatives as change agents and then engaged employees as agents of change to support the transformation. This enhanced collaboration synergies and increased engagement, which led to more interaction between colleagues, better data quality, increased visibility, more accurate reporting, and clearer communications across all business areas.

Our change model enhanced collaboration synergies and increased engagement.


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Equipped With the Tools to Transform

Our change model positioned our client to adopt its strategic initiatives to make better long-term decisions for the business.

  • Defined and agreed upon data definitions help employees make informed strategic decisions and create more value for customers
  • Improved forecasting and the supply chain
  • Increased level of stakeholder engagement through analysis, holistic communication planning, and change-agent networks

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