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Our client is one of the largest wholesale distributors of residential and commercial plumbing supplies and pipe, valves, and fittings in the U.S. It is also a major distributor of HVAC equipment, fire protection systems, waterworks and industrial products and services.

Unsupported Technology Would Put Users in Hot Water

The majority of our client's employees were using Office 2007, which Microsoft had announced it would no longer support after 2017.

In response to this – as well as the company’s need to meet customer demands, improve productivity, and remain competitive – our client made significant investments in new software and technology.

Our client asked us to provide change management support with technical aspects of the Office 365 ProPlus deployment and email migration to EXO.

A Solution to Work Smarter

We deployed several “waves” of the Office 365 suite to our client's end users. To ensure end users were ready, willing, and able to accept and embrace this new technology and way of working, we led the following change management activities:

  • Developed a well-communicated case for change
  • Conducted a stakeholder assessment
  • Created a clear OCM approach/plan
  • Developed sound communication artifacts and delivered them in a timely manner
  • Built post-upgrade survey questionnaire delivered after each “wave,” analyzed and provided a summary of results, and updated communication and training artifacts based on feedback 
With Office 365 in place and an accompanying change management plan, our client has a solution that provides key benefits and upgraded communication, stronger decision making and stronger security.


Flush with Success

With Office 365 in place and an accompanying change management plan, our client has a solution that provides key benefits, including:

  • Faster user support
  • Greater efficiency for mobile users
  • Ability to make better decisions faster
  • Stronger security, compliance, and privacy controls
  • High system uptime

To ensure the company experiences these benefits, we:

  • Created a post-upgrade survey questionnaire to measure the results of the upgrade itself, as well as the effectiveness of the communication artifacts and training resources
  • Conducted an extensive analysis on the results of each survey and presented back to the project team
  • Updated communication and training artifacts based on the survey feedback

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