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Reaching New Heights in Automated Customer Service

What if we could build a chatbot to provide timely, accurate information to airline customers and make their experience more enjoyable?

Our client is a leading international airline, flying to more than 80 destinations in 33 countries. With a fleet of more than 80 aircrafts and codeshares with 13 other companies, our client helps passengers reach their destinations all over the world in comfort.

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Finding a New Solution for Customer Questions

The airline industry faces unique customer service challenges resulting from the sheer volume of passengers, layovers, baggage, and countless special considerations that together can make it difficult to provide a high-quality customer experience.

While airlines have traditionally employed live call centers to serve these needs, our client was looking for an innovative alternative to optimize the customer service process and improve the quality of the customer experience.

To achieve these objectives, we built a web-based chatbot able to respond to specific requests on a variety of channels in multiple languages.

A line of travelers with suitcases.

A Multi-Platform Chatbot for Passengers Around the World

Our Client wanted to expand the number of platforms on which it could connect with customers, reduce frustrations resulting from long wait times, and streamline service channels by providing accurate, automated, and timely responses.

We built a chatbot that communicates with customers on a variety of platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp, with the ability to service customers in several languages.

First, we defined the project scope by evaluating and selecting the most relevant technologies, according to the parameters set forth by the client.

The chatbot was built using a microservices architecture in NodeJS, ensuring that single microservices can be updated or changed without affecting other parts of the system and preventing cascading failures. Additionally, because chatbot requirements (or the ways in which the chatbot is receiving information and returning the correct information) are completed in conversations and interactions, the microservices architecture makes adding features quick and efficient without interrupting other parts of the service.

The highly effective and scalable chatbot is equipped to respond to inquiries involving ticket fares, baggage allowances, flight information and confirmations, and more, using a proprietary entities detection algorithm to provide dynamic information.

Building Stronger Software Development Processes With DevOps

Before building the chatbot, it became evident that the client’s approach to software development processes was hindering its ability to bring products to market quickly and efficiently.

To help get our client on the right track, our DevOps experts drove change management and process improvements. The team was deployed to help our client streamline and improve overall software development practices within the company by serving as an example case.

Our DevOps team configured the integration and deployment servers and worked on automating the builds and releases to ensure continuous integration and deployment was achieved, all while guiding the client team in the adoption of DevOps principles and processes.

The custom-built chatbot serves an average of 3,000 users every month, providing timely advice for customers and leading to a more favorable opinion of the client’s customer service.


A large airplane taking off.

Streamlining Thousands of Customer Interactions

The custom-built chatbot serves an average of 3,000 users every month, providing timely advice for customers and leading to a more favorable opinion of the client’s customer service.

The client’s customers receive frictionless, efficient responses to their inquiries, including information about flight departure and arrival times, ticket fares, baggage allowances, and more on a variety of web-based platforms.

Our expertise in microservices architecture and building specialized products made us the right partner to help our client reach its customers more effectively and efficiently.

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