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Improving the Customer Experience With Enhanced and Intelligent Site Search

What if... we could provide a health insurance giant’s customers with a self-serve and intuitive digital experience by integrating intelligent search?

Our client, one of the largest health insurers in the United States, offers its customers a range of individual and group healthcare insurance packages.

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Site Visitors Were Overwhelmed by Information

Our client offers a wide variety of health plans and options, along with supporting information, to customers in all 50 states. The sheer volume of data (and number of sources of that data) made it challenging for both existing and prospective customers visiting the client’s website to find the information they were looking for. In addition, customer service representatives had difficulty accessing current and reliable data when fielding inquiries.

To provide an outstanding digital customer experience and remain competitive, the insurer wanted to provide its customers and prospects a more fluid and consistent experience by enabling intelligent search across all its sites.

Our client called on us to implement Coveo, integrated with Sitecore, to achieve its goal. We are a Platinum partner of both Coveo and Sitecore, and our client knew that we would exceed its expectations for delivering accurate and relevant search results in a high-performance and secure environment.

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Enriching the User Experience With Intelligent Search and Machine Learning

We began by leading a detailed, multi-vendor product assessment to identify a cloud-based SaaS search tool with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities. Our client chose Coveo, which we implemented across multiple digital properties.

Next, we worked with the client’s various IT internal teams and resources, as well as third-party vendors, to integrate Coveo with Sitecore for ease of content management and search configuration.

We improved the insurer’s search experience across a variety of channels with accelerated, individualized, and more meaningful search results. Customers now receive the same answer to the same question, regardless of the channel.

Making It Easier to Find a Doctor

The client also wanted to make it easier for its customers to find service providers and products. We implemented Coveo Finder Search to service the insurer’s multiple channels (Find a Doctor, Find a Dentist, Find a Pharmacy, Find a Covid-19 Test).

We improved the insurer’s “Finder” search experience across a variety of channels with accelerated, individualized, and more meaningful results. We helped the client provide consistency, improve performance and reliability, maintain data security, and enhance customer interaction and engagement with its Finder tools.

Our client's website click through rate increased by 72% and monthly searches without results were reduced by 79%.


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An Improved Site Search Experience

Our work helped the client improve its website search click through rate by 72% and reduced monthly searches without results by 79% on average across four different web properties.

This implementation of Coveo integrated with Sitecore provided accelerated, individualized, and more meaningful search results to end users, who now also have improved site query performance with no perceptible delay in returning search results on the page.

Our deep understanding of the modern healthcare landscape and technology offerings made us the partner of choice to help the U.S. insurance leader solidify its standing in the marketplace by providing an enhanced customer experience.

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