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Major Health Insurance Company

Preparing to Deploy Skype with Organizational Change Management

Our client is a health insurance provider leading the charge toward better health and more consumer-focused healthcare for nearly 4 million customers.

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Needed to Cut the Cord with a Modern Communications Solution

Our client was faced with the costs of procuring, deploying, and maintaining thousands of hard-line phones, while simultaneously supporting Lync/Skype 2013. Approximately half of the organization’s employees were embracing Skype, but the other half were relying heavily on hard phones and cell phones for company-wide communication.

The insurer engaged us to transition all employees to Skype for Business Online. Additionally, as part of its workplace modernization initiative, the company wanted to deploy Skype-enabled communications to all of its meeting rooms.

Our client recognized that this represented a significant change for many employees and chose to utilize our proprietary Organizational Change Management (OCM) Quick Start solution to begin the effort.

Preparing Users with Change Management Expertise

Our OCM team performed a six-week quick start to assess the degree of change and subsequently began the change effort for a smooth transition to Skype for Business Online. To accomplish this, we executed several critical people-related strategies. Some of the key activities we performed:

  • Developed a case for change, achieving consensus and meaningfully articulating why this is important
  • Conducted a stakeholder analysis, identifying who is impacted by the change, how, and where resistance might be encountered
  • Set up a communications plan, with specifics on effectively communicating to all impacted stakeholders in meaningful ways
  • Created a training plan that provided the strategy, integration points, timing, and details around how to ensure that people know how to use the new technology effectively
Our client quickly realized the productivity and collaboration benefits of the Skype solution.


Preparing for Change Delivers Immediate Impact

With minimal investment, our client had a clear, specific, and executable change management plan to enable a seamless transition to Skype for Business Online. Consequently, the insurer was in a position to be able to quickly realize the productivity and collaboration benefits of the Skype solution.

  • Provided an initial iteration of a stakeholder analysis that ensured the full user landscape was known and that resistance could be overcome
  • Created the initial iteration of a communication plan that ensured the right messages were delivered to the right users at the right time
  • Implemented a training plan that enabled the team to effectively build and deliver training to target audiences, ensuring readiness at implementation

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