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Perceptive Retail Analytics

When they needed a perceptive retail demo at their Retail Experience Center, Microsoft approached Labs. For the project, we created a beacon network to track location, a mobile app for consumers, and a sales associate dashboard.

Real-Time Proximity Mapping

Tracked by the beacon network, a 3D map tracks real-time customer activity. The sales associate UI displays customer info like purchase history and recommendations, which helps associates initiate better conversation with customers and make more relevant product suggestions.

A Symbiotic System

The power in beacon technology lies not only in giving sales associates the tools they need for better interactions, but also in giving customers a more personalized experience by serving up deals and content based on their in-store location.


A Simple Truth

Hone in on key features
While there were endless scenarios we could have prototyped, we decided to focus on only a few features and make them as compelling as possible. This helped us get the concept out the door in six weeks.

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