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Transforming the Patient Experience

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What if... a healthcare organization could become a go-to resource for its community, both in sickness and in health?

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Access to Better Health, Within Reach

Patients were struggling to find the information they were looking for on OhioHealth's old website, and would sometimes walk away with their questions unanswered. The site was both slow and difficult to navigate, especially as the organization grew through acquisitions. OhioHealth needed a more user-friendly experience and an effective way integrate those new resources into its online presence.

Aligning Digital Experience With Core Values

As a large healthcare provider, OhioHealth had an overabundance of information spread across various websites. We began by helping OhioHealth develop a two-year strategic digital roadmap, and assisting with the design and roll out of new websites, mobile experiences, and enhanced online capabilities. We reduced the number of websites and condensed necessary content onto a single platform powered by Episerver. We also reorganized the website into a user-centric architecture that supports the business goals, improves search engine placement, and improves onsite search and navigation.

More than 5,200 pages of content were streamlined into useful information, which we brought to life to support the community and the core brand values of compassion, excellence, stewardship and integrity.

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Creating a Content Strategy and Framework

It’s imperative to deliver the appropriate brand message at the right time. With this focus, we created a content strategy and framework to ensure that existing content and future requests uphold goals and objectives of the organization. This will help OhioHealth’s internal marketing team field requests and maintain the structure of digital content.


Together, these efforts have enabled OhioHealth to improve visibility and build a stronger digital brand. After the website launch, patient feedback reflected an overall higher level of satisfaction.

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