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A Performance Testing Tool to Drive Innovation

What if... we could build a tool suite that would streamline and enhance the performance engineering process for our own clients?

Perficient is a global digital consultancy transforming how the world’s biggest brands connect with customers and grow their business. Perficient’s nearshore operation in Latin America, is a leader in performance engineering, testing, and analysis.

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Existing Testing Tools Were Expensive and Limited in Scope 

One of the biggest challenges facing the IT industry is that the selection of performance engineering tools remains limited. Often, the tools aren’t easily customizable, only work with specific technologies, or are expensive to use. This leaves performance specialists scrambling to assemble an effective combination of tools in order to gather the data needed to understand system capacity, run load tests, and optimize performance.

The Perficient  performance engineering team in Latin America set out to design, build, and scale a tool that would allow us to automate and monitor tests, clearly and concisely visualize results, provide direct access to stakeholders, and, in the future, apply machine learning algorithms to improve predictions and expand capabilities.

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Developing a New Tool Suite to Drive Performance

We set out to create a tool that would allow us to automate and enhance performance testing efficiently and inexpensively, which in turn would deepen our clients’ understanding of the performance of their own applications or platforms.

With this goal in mind, we developed Performance Explorer – a proprietary platform that aids engineers in collecting and analyzing performance data, detects risks such as memory leaks, optimizes data processing efficiency, and helps inform predictions for future application behavior.

The platform, built with ExpressJS, React, Jest, and Node.js, takes data from performance robots, JMeter, Gatling or other data sources, and then automatically stores it in databases like MongoDB and Elasticsearch and processes the data to produce easy-to-understand graphics for performance analysis. An integration with Kibana enables Performance Explorer to create customized graphics so engineers can visualize performance and scalability models.

Performance Explorer allows our team to easily analyze the data produced by thousands of automated performance tests in projects across the company. This in turn helps us understand system capacity, run load tests, and find ways to optimize the performance of our clients’ systems.

The Perficient performance engineering team in Latin America designed, built, and scaled a unique tool that automates the performance testing process, quickly provides useful insights, and saves clients time and money.


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Optimizing Performance Metrics and Client Platforms

After struggling with off-the-shelf performance testing tools, the Perficient team Latin America created a tool that automates the performance testing process, provides useful insights quickly, and works with complex architectures.

Performance Explorer saves our clients time and money and gives us a unique product to take to market. Industry-leading performance testing allows our clients to optimize for efficiency, innovate faster, and find and eliminate potential risks.

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