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ProHealth Care

A Mission to Continuously Improve the Health of Its Community

ProHealth Care is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare system that offers a full range of services, from fitness and wellness to primary care and specialty care, rehabilitation care, and home and hospice care.

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Unhealthy Data Management Practices Need Examination

Being able to easily find and capture information is critical to providing both quality patient care and maintaining the financial health of a healthcare system. ProHealth Care’s financial, operational, and claims data resided in disparate silos, making it impossible to generate a holistic view of its patients. The data domain spanned several different sources within the enterprise, leaving ProHealth with no method to aggregate this data.

ProHealth Care looked to integrate data from multiple areas including claims, billing transactions, clinical outcomes, physicians, and patient surgical histories. To do so, however, the health system needed to create an IT infrastructure that would consolidate reporting and allow physicians to evaluate and modify practice patterns. This included thorough data collection, delivery, measurement, and analysis. As an accountable care organization (ACO), ProHealth also wanted to implement a series of new metrics and reports to facilitate physician pay for performance.

A Treatment Plan for Effectively Utilizing Patient Data

ProHealth Care asked Perficient to drive its data architecture efforts, integrating Epic’s Cogito data warehouse and several other key data sources surfacing data via SQL Server. Perficient performed a business intelligence assessment that produced a strategic roadmap providing guidance and direction for an implementation plan. Following this assessment, ProHealth chose Cogito as the foundation for its data warehouse model in order to meet growing data and reporting needs and accelerate the development process Several factors influenced ProHealth’s decision, including:

  • An existing relationship with Epic
  • The need for a central hub for changing data requirements
  • Cogito’s capabilities

Epic’s Cogito data warehouse provides the ability to integrate data out of Epic’s Clarity database, as well as to extend the data model to load data out of other external systems and/or third-party sources. This provided flexibility with ProHealth’s speed-to-market requirements. Perficient delivered a data warehouse that integrates data to produce current clinical and business intelligence based on role and workflow. It provides ProHealth Care and its providers with a central data repository for clinical, financial, and business data.

ProHealth Care focused on putting a series of ACO measures in place, and identified several domains on which to focus and improve patient care and healthcare delivery. These include access, administrative, community benefit, efficiency, quality, safety, and satisfaction metrics. The data warehouse is now being used to create physician profiles, and a physician-friendly interface allows providers to see which patients are in need of important health screenings or care interventions.

The implementation of our data warehouse has provided our organization with the tools and processes to better manage population health data, giving physicians access to information in real-time, setting the stage for preventive care and improving overall patient care and the health of our population. Christine Bessler, CIO, ProHealth Care


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First-of-its-Kind Solution Enables Innovative Care

ProHealth Care was the first healthcare system to produce reports and data out of Epic’s Cogito data warehouse in a production environment.

Physicians now have access to analytics that allow them to easily see which patients are in need of important health screenings or care interventions. This foundational capability enables ProHealth Care to take proactive measures to better the population at large, setting the stage for enhanced preventive care and improved management of chronic diseases that will ultimately resulting in better clinical outcomes and improved population health.

  • Provides a complete patient view for both Epic and non-Epic patients
  • Delivers clinically integrated insights to 460 physicians in the system’s hospitals and clinics, including those in its ACO
  • Improves ProHealth’s quality of care and efficiency, consistent with the “meaningful use” objectives
  • Physicians are able to track each patient and identify those that are non-compliant
  • Scalable platform provides the flexibility to meet future analytics needs
  • Monthly reports provide physicians with quality and performance measures
Perficient has been our go-to partner and trusted advisor in this endeavor due to their deep healthcare industry expertise, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them on ongoing improvement and future projects. Christine Bessler, CIO, ProHealth Care

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