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Provider of High-Quality Health Care plans

Transitioning a Geographically Dispersed Workforce to Teams

What if... we could ensure the successful adoption of a new secure and robust communication platform?

Our client is a nationally recognized provider of high-quality health care plans and care options with a commitment to innovative, first-class coverage based on health and wellness.

In Need of a Healthy and Secure Communications Platform

Our client used a variety of solutions to meet its communication and collaboration needs but required better security and privacy features. The legacy solutions did not work well together, and there was little consistency across departments. An increasingly mobile workforce amplified the urgency for a new solution that increased the security of the sensitive data, which is paramount to healthcare companies.

Our client chose Microsoft Teams as its new, secure, companywide collaboration tool and asked organizational change management (OCM) experts to prepare the organization for the adoption and transition.

Preparing for Microsoft Teams Adoption

Our OCM team built and executed a multi-phase strategic approach to ensure the communications and training enabled end users to adapt to the changes associated with:

  • Migrating and converting emails from local servers to the cloud
  • Utilizing chat and meeting features to replace outdated, unsecure communication tools
  • Unlocking collaboration features to enable a more engaged, cohesive, and remote workforce

The transition from on-premises workflows to the cloud meant that our client's increasingly remote workforce needed access to the information and tools to do their jobs from anywhere, with the assurance that members’ personal information was secure.

Our multi-stage approach to transition users from Lotus Notes to Office 365 and training on Microsoft Teams best practices allowed end users to fully engage the new tools and created an appetite for learning and taking the next step.

In tandem with the client, we identified unique ways the new Teams collaboration tools could increase efficiency and proficiency. 


A Remote Workforce Collaborates Safely and Securely 

We developed and rolled out a robust strategy to guide the client through multiple stages of email migrations and Microsoft Teams enablement sessions.

Our crafted communications targeted the migrating groups to ensure users remained informed of the process, expectations, and available help. Our champion network was the face of the migration and implementation, providing valuable product knowledge if users needed assistance.

The champion network regularly communicated via email with all teams and end users during the migration process, as more than 4,000 mailboxes were transitioned to the cloud.

In tandem with the client, we identified unique ways the new Teams collaboration tools could increase efficiency and proficiency. The change champions were trained in basic and advanced uses of Microsoft Teams, allowing them to help users increase productivity with the new tools.

Safeguarding protected health information (PHI) in healthcare is paramount. With Microsoft Teams, our client's members can be confident that their personal information is even more secure, and, when needed, is accessible at any time to aid in customer service or issue resolution.

Our OCM team provided a fresh perspective and helped our client achieve its vision of convenient and secure collaboration, project management, and communications.

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