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Purina Petfinder

Helping to Match People With the Perfect Pet 

What if... we could help a company lay the groundwork for the future of pet adoption?

Petfinder, a subsidiary of Nestle Purina, operates the largest online pet adoption website serving the United States and parts of Canada.

Preparing for Internal Change 

Petfinder wanted to create an AI-enabled data platform that allows pet shelters and rescues to match people with the perfect pet for them, while at the same time driving loyalty to Purina pet food, treats, and cat litter. However, company leadership recognized that it did not have the internal capability to build and deliver a robust organizational change plan to support the successful internal adoption of the platform initiatives.

Our organizational change management (OCM) experts were engaged to build an end-to-end rollout plan, including a change communication playbook that enabled internal Petfinder teams to support the initiative. The playbook would also provide a roadmap for internal Petfinder teams, responsible for stakeholder communication, to interact in ways that would drive adoption while developing internal change communication capabilities.

Assessing the Risks and Planning for the Future of Pet Adoption 

We conducted a change management quick start to identify risks and build a plan that ensures the successful adoption of the new platform. Our OCM team, in parallel with IT discovery work also led by Perficient, conducted workshops to build the case for change, a stakeholder analysis, and a readiness assessment.

As part of the overall plan, a change communication playbook was developed to transfer key OCM capabilities to the organization and provide a guided path for impacts beyond the scope of the current initiative, such as conducting stakeholder assessments, content authoring and editing, technical support, legal approvals, and marketing.

Our OCM team equipped Petfinder with the tools not only to ensure the success of this initiative, but to begin to build change capabilities within its own organization in the future.


Equipped for Future Change Initiatives 

We provided Petfinder the tools to not only ensure the success of this initiative but to begin to build change capabilities within its own organization. The change communication playbook will be utilized by Petfinder for future internal change management initiatives.


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