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Tokio Marine HCC

Bringing Global Insurance to Customers

What If we could transform a disjointed website into a cohesive, sustainable, customer-friendly experience?

Tokio Marine HCC (TMHCC) is an international specialty insurance group with a long history of growth through acquisition. But while these acquisitions were great for the company, they led to a disconnected and inconsistent user experience on its site. It was time to adopt a new platform and present a refreshed, unified web experience to customers. We worked with TMHCC to implement Sitecore Experience Platform and develop an integrated, customer-focused design and content strategy.

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Room to grow, anywhere in the world

As an international company with customers and stakeholders all over the world, TMHCC knew it needed a content management platform that would provide both localization and the ability to easily expand.

We re-built the company’s website using the Sitecore Experience Platform, which has powerful, localized content management. Visitors can easily access the information they need for their region, in their own language. TMHCC can add new countries and languages as the company expands. The new site also includes easy-to-use templates and a library of components, simplifying the creation of rich, interactive content that maintains consistency with the rest of the site, even as the company grows.

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Clarified Content with a Unified Voice

We conducted an audit of the TMHCC site’s content and developed a strategy to help unify and streamline it into a single, more impactful story. This included creating a new messaging framework with a series of brand pillars that clearly outline the brand message to the identified personas throughout the site. With this strategy in place, each of the company’s many authors can expand existing content and create new content that follows consistent messaging and voice.

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Navigating Customer Needs

TMHCC’s previous website was organized to reflect the company’s internal structure, which was confusing and difficult for customers to navigate. We helped the company identify and develop user personas to represent different visitors to the site. We then restructured and simplified the website architecture to better fit their respective journeys and needs. This created a more natural, intuitive user experience.

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Making Policy Purchasing Personal

TMHCC offers a wide variety of products to support a wide variety of customer needs. With a more intuitive navigation in place, TMHCC has the ability to personalize its content to the customer.

Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Database give TMHCC the tools it needs to gain a broader understanding of its users and tailor content based on location, language, and other dynamic attributes (for example, users looking at aviation-related pages will see more aviation-related content elsewhere on the site). This personalizes the experience for visitors, removes unnecessary information, and streamlines the path to purchase.

Perficient delivered a website that greatly improved functionality and usefulness to our users, while giving it a much more modern and professional look. We are now well-positioned to continue improving our digital capabilities, using their work as a foundation. William Burke, Jr, President, Tokio Marine HCC


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TMHCC’s new website and platform is now united with a clear and cohesive message, packaged in a user-friendly experience. Equipped with a strategy to guide its decisions and the features to make them a reality, the company can maintain this high-quality experience as it continues to grow and expand.

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