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Tool and Equipment Manufacturer

A Heavy Duty Digital Transformation for Tool and Equipment Manufacturer

What if... we could help transform a siloed, exception-driven, transactional mindset to one that is experience-driven, customer-centric, insights-informed, and solution-oriented?

The client is a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer of high-end power tools and worksite equipment with a large network of distribution partners. Since 1924, it has led the industry in developing innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity, safety, and unmatched durability for its customers.

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Strategic Insight

As the client continued to experience exponential year-over-year growth, it needed to leave behind its existing siloed, internal process-oriented approach and become an agile, customer-centric, insights-driven, solution-oriented company.

To do so, the company recognized it needed to utilize data and digital to deliver unique and personalized customer experiences and to enable its sales force with deeper insights in order to better assist customers.

The client engaged us as its partner on this important digital customer experience transformation strategy.

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Redefining the Digital Customer Experience

We began by working to understand the company’s existing systems and processes and identifying opportunities for automation through the digitization of existing processes and systems.

Using our Envision Digital Strategy Framework, we engaged with stakeholders from every business unit, distribution partners, and end users to better understood goals and the perceived gaps in working with the client across digital channels. From there, we outlined key strategies that would digitally transform the entire organization.

A key deliverable from the strategy work was a roadmap spanning people, business processes, and enabling technologies that would guide the client in accomplishing its objective to transform from an enterprise-focused approach to a customer-centric one.

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Measuring Digital Maturity and Establishing the Vision

We began with the Insights phase of our Envision Framework and conducted research, benchmarking, assessments, and vision workshops to identify capabilities and gaps.

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Benchmarking Digital Maturity With CX IQ™

We conducted our CX IQ assessment to benchmark the client’s digital maturity and measure its effectiveness in creating, delivering, and sustaining a compelling customer experience.

Stakeholder, Customer, and End-User Interviews

We led the client through discovery workshops to develop a shared understanding of its objectives and to align stakeholders. We interviewed stakeholders across the organization and spoke with customers and end users to understand their experiences working with the brand across digital channels.

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Experience Benchmarking Using Now/New/Next (N3)™

We used our Now/New/Next (N3) tool to assess and benchmark where the client’s customer experience stood relative to its customers’ expectations and competitive forces. The analysis also helped the client prioritize which experiences and capabilities to focus on next.

Business, Experience and Technical Capabilities Assessments Gap Analysis

Next, we assessed both the order-to-fulfill and digital marketing stacks against desired experience capabilities to understand the gaps.

Our client engaged us to transform from a siloed, transaction mindset to a business that is experience-driven, customer-centric, insight-informed, and solution-oriented.
Phase 2 Ideas with lightbulb icon header image.

Enabling the Future Vision

Moving into the Ideas phase of our Envision framework, we helped the client formulate a clear vision to deliver innovative digital customer experiences.

Designing Personas and Journeys

We created personas and unique customer journeys for the client’s five target audience types to better understand each, and what their respective journey looks like. With target audiences in both B2B and B2C, creating detailed personas and unique journeys for each was imperative.

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Business Process Re-Mapping: Understanding the Digital Spend

As part of the business process re-mapping to better track and understand the success of the company’s digital initiative efforts, we recommended the adoption of an ROI calculator to gauge the impact of digital initiatives and better justify and allocate digital initiative investments.

Digital Customer Experience Technology Stack Re-Architecture

We recommended the client retire systems that were outdated or redundant and integrate new platforms and services to support desired modern demand-generation and order-to-fulfill experiences like order status visibility.

Phase 3 Investment with map icon header image.

Establishing and Enabling the Execution

We helped the client enable its execution by moving into the Investment phase of the Envision Framework. Here we addressed the strategic roadmap, resourcing and governance, and outcomes and measurement.

Three-Year Strategic Roadmap and Business Case

We delivered a three-year strategic roadmap the client could execute against to meet its objectives. The roadmap included total cost of ownership projections to help benchmark costs.

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Program Success Measurement Framework

We enabled the client’s teams to measure and report program successes to leadership with a new program success measurement framework. We identified performance indicators across the business and used a balanced scorecard approach to provide metrics on everything from customer satisfaction to website traffic and conversion rates.

Digital Customer Experience Program Resource Planning

We delivered a complete resource plan so that the client could properly staff to execute on roadmap initiatives. We identified roles, titles, responsibilities and wrote full job descriptions so the team knew exactly who and when roles were needed as initiatives progressed.

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Data Integration Governance Model and Center for Enablement

To further support its transformation to a data-driven organization, we also recommended that our client create a Data Integration Center of Enablement to understand, vet, and provide guidance on how to holistically integrate data into the organization so that it could be surfaced and used at the business level.


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Creating Both the Ultimate Digital Customer Experience and Organizational Agility 

Our Envision Digital Strategy Framework provided the client with a comprehensive roadmap to help them achieve their goal of becoming an integrated, data-driven, customer-focused, agile organization.

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