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Waste and Recycling Services Provider

Deeper Insights with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Our client is a top waste and recycling services provider in North America with services ranging from waste and recycling to renewable energy generation.

Disparate Data Sources Curbed Innovation

The company had purchased Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to consolidate data from two source systems, Taleo and PeopleSoft, and to empower HR business users with self service reporting for greater visibility into things like cost of vacant positions, quality of hires, turnover, time to fill, employee career progression, weekly activity reports, and talent optimization across the company.

But the internal project to deploy OAC was fraught with challenges. The company struggled for several months to roll out analytical capabilities. Users had a good understanding of their needs from an analytics standpoint and knew their data well, but limited in-house BI expertise to develop and deliver the reporting requirements using OAC proved insurmountable.

Leadership felt the company was not getting the most out of its investment and needed a partner to lead the deployment effort and restore its faith in the purchase.

Renewed Confidence

HR business users were somewhat disillusioned with Oracle Analytics Cloud, and questioned its ability to deliver on its promise. Taking an indepth look at client case studies enabled us to demonstrate real-world success with OAC with Perficient guiding the project. Working together, we structured the scope of the project and set success criteria. Outlining the use cases ensured expectations were clearly understood and achievable.

We leveraged our proven quick start services methodology to develop a custom Oracle Analytics Cloud solution in just four weeks, integrating data from both Taleo and PeopleSoft. Our BI subject matter experts conducted business requirement interviews with key stakeholders, developed the data models and built the necessary data transformations. We delivered one dashboard and six reports, which addressed the key HR metrics requested by the users. 

“The talent acquisition dashboard developed in Oracle Analytics Cloud was delivered above and beyond my expectations.”


A Clean Start with OAC

Not only was our client’s faith in its decision to purchase Oracle Analytics Cloud restored, but a second project is in the planning stages, for continued solution adoption.

Additional benefits include:

  • One application to satisfy enterprise-wide HR reporting needs
  • Equipped the talent acquisition and HR teams with self-service reporting capabilities and ready-to-use ad-hoc subject areas
  • Replaced a manual and sometimes overlapping business analyst effort to prepare HR data for reporting with a streamlined process that is common to all report consumers
  • The OAC quick start solution served as a successful proof-of-concept that can be extended to other functional areas across the organization
  • Delivered a target operating model on how to maintain support for the Competency Center going forward
  • Enabled mobile analytics via Oracle Day by Day
  • Demonstrated end-user-friendly capabilities for data preparation and visualization that extend beyond the scope of the quick start requirements
  • Introduced organization hierarchy report drilling capabilities

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