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Digital Marketing : Paid Media
Paid Media

Reach Your Customers at Scale

U.S. adults spend more than 12 hours per day listening to, watching, reading, or generally interacting with media. This is more time spent than ever before, and it has become increasingly difficult to find prospective audiences and make an impact based on media fragmentation. We have experience helping advertisers and brands find their audiences across this complex landscape and engage with them in the moments that matter most.

Paid media represents a critical component of any marketing strategy, enabling the greatest audience reach and promotion of your brand’s message. Our deep experience and strong creative chops enable us to build full-service media campaigns that will succeed by reaching your most relevant and engaged audience.

Take a Full-Funnel Approach

By understanding your business and competitive landscape, we can identify a paid media approach that covers all stages of the marketing funnel, from brand awareness to conversion tactics. We leverage robust data collection and targeting capabilities in order to deliver relevant, personalized content to the largest, most qualified audience possible.

Measurement is never an afterthought; our team has a strong focus on driving real business results. We will help uncover areas where your budget could be invested more efficiently in the appropriate channels, strategies, and tactics.

Our paid media services include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Media planning and buying
  • Display and video media buys – both programmatic and direct
  • Paid mobile, local, and social media
  • Retargeting and dynamic creative
  • Bid management and automation
  • Media KPIs and reporting
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Channel insights and trends
  • Creative development

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