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Keyword Research
Keyword Research Services

Optimize Your Visibility With Keyword Research Services

Knowing the right keywords to target is the heart of SEO effectiveness. Keywords are the essential meeting point between a searcher's query and your website. Before you can begin any serious effort to improve your search rankings and traffic, you must know which keywords are most important for you to target and which ones will have the biggest impact on your business.

Take Your SEO to the Next Level

Keywords set the direction for the content you need to create to attract the right visitors (and prospective customers) to your site. So getting your keywords right is not only essential to good SEO, it's imperative for meeting your business goals. SEO is part of Perficient Digital’s DNA, so keyword research comes as second nature. By getting to know your company, industry, competitors – and most importantly, your potential customers – we can identify the optimum keywords for your site.

Typically, keyword research is used as a major input into other marketing processes, such as SEO audits and content marketing. We often use it to develop a custom-integrated digital marketing program for our clients.

Our keyword research services:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your current keywords
  • Evaluate successful competitor keywords using our proprietary Backlink Profiler Determine the keywords you should be targeting to support your business goals Prioritize your keywords to maximize your chances for success
  • Monitor the performance of your keywords, recommending new opportunities

Words Are the Key. Let’s Find Yours.