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Digital Marketing : Social Media
Social Media

Proven Social Strategies to Keep Your Business Connected

We leverage proven strategies based on our own extensive experience helping some of the largest brands in the world with their social media. Services include providing a comprehensive social media strategy to social listening and audience research, best practices around tools, engagement, performance, and of course, detailed analytics and reporting.

We Know the Ins and Outs of Social Media

Our social media strategy services will:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Analyze your existing and potential social audience and the reach of your competitors
  • Pinpoint the best platforms to reach your current and potential customers
  • Guide you in research-backed best practices for both content and engagement on each of your social networks
  • Enable you to grow a valuable audience of real customers and fans, not just “followers”
  • Optimize your owned content to improve social media performance
  • Monitor your social media analytics to fine tune and improve your effectiveness
  • Align your social media with your search and display efforts

Maximize the Value of Social Ad Spend

The greatest social media opportunities lie in laser-targeted, optimized paid social advertising and promotion on sites such as Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn, and others. Identifying the right target audience and setting up optimized campaigns to reach them is complex. Getting either of those wrong is wasteful…and expensive.

Our experience and expertise with paid social campaigns can help you reach your optimum audience at the lowest cost without needing to start from scratch. We'll show you how to:

  • Quickly find the audience you want
  • Set up the targeting that will reach them
  • Use your budget dollars wisely and increase overall ROI

It’s just as important to deliver the right message, which is why we’ll help you craft effective content and ads for each audience segment. We then apply a scientific approach to testing your messages, monitoring analytics carefully to evaluate which content is performing best. Through our expertise we are able to:

  • Deliver content and messaging designed specifically for your prospects
  • Optimize continuously based on message testing
  • Increase exposure and conversions with far less waste

Let's Forge the Future. Together.