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A solution to the question of “What can I search?” 

With Handshake powering content ingestion pipelines, the answer is – “Anything."

An Extensible Search Connector

Handshake is our custom Java-based, lightweight, and extensible search connector utility that changes the way content is crawled, processed, and indexed.

The framework provides a runtime environment, scheduling capability, and development toolkit to create connections.

The platform manages connections, content, metadata, and permissions on a schedule. Preserves resources and scales for fast and reliable content ingestion to your search target of choice.

The console provides a user interface for business users to create connection pipelines with ease. Pipelines are reusable with powerful transformation and multiple destination capabilities.

Deploy Where the Data Is

Handshake lives where your source applications live, giving you control over sensitive data before it leaves your security domain. Choose the deployment style that meets your business needs.

Get the Most Out of Your Data Search and Content Solution.