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It’s a Whole New Day for Your Intranet

Higher ROI. Faster deployment. Proven user interface. Branded look. These are just some of the benefits Rise offers businesses seeking a consumer-style experience for their SharePoint-based intranet.

Better Equip Your Teams

Business leaders have long recognized SharePoint as a tool with great potential, but the people on their teams often prefer to stick with familiar tools such as email. Worse, they may turn to non-approved (and possibly unsecure) cloud-based apps for confidential documents. Worst of all, when employees use their own systems for work, you and your team can lose the business efficiency and innovation that collaboration, communication, and sharing content yields.

Rise allows your team to enjoy the many advantages of doing business in the cloud, while keeping documents secure on premises.

Mobile Friendly for Today’s BYOD World

Rise is a Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to work with Office 365 as well as SharePoint – on-premises or online. The product offers fully formed responsive design directly out of the box. That means as soon as Rise is deployed, users can access a full-featured site on screens and devices of any size.

Easily Share Ideas and Company News

Let your intranet rise above the rest. Rise serves as a powerful collaboration solution that puts your social feed – Yammer or SharePoint Social – right where it needs to be: at the heart of your project or team sites. A “mega menu” lets users create their own shortcuts to the documents and sites they use most.

Rise capitalizes on SharePoint’s workflows for publishing, ensuring that your publishers – be they corporate communications professionals, HR professionals, or members of any team – can update content with ease.

Leverage a Centralized Human Resources Hub

Make human resources policies and procedures easier to access for employees, supervisors, and HR. Create an on-boarding roadmap for new employees and simplify the process. Better promote open positions within the company. Better manage PTO/annual leave. Centralize tracking of requests for time off.

Ready to Unlock Your Intranet’s Potential?