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Cloud FinOps IQ

Ascend From Cloud Disaster to Cloud Master

Cloud FinOps IQ provides visibility into your cloud expenditures to elevate financial responsibility, bolster governance, and optimize automation. Rather than guessing at your cloud spend, seamlessly navigate complexities and make financial decisions with confidence to reduce cloud waste.

In collaboration with CloudBolt, we offer a four-week engagement that will transform your cloud management approach. Our team of experts partners with your IT cloud administrators to gather objectives, configure connectors, and employ cost-management tooling for in-depth analysis, reporting, and enterprise-scale recommendations. This collaboration is specifically tailored to help you avoid the common pitfalls of cloud overprovisioning such as:

  • Excessive costs
  • Diminished efficiency
  • Increased complexity
  • Undermined agility

Why Choose Cloud FinOps IQ?


  • Cloud’s promised ROI has not materialized
  • Operating costs are unexpectedly high
  • Environments lack discipline and complexity grows
  • Performance or reliability issues persist
  • Lack of policy and oversight hampers best practices
  • Undefined monitoring, archive, and retirement processes


  • Gain visibility and an unbiased view on current spend
  • Receive optimization and remediation recommendations
  • Monitor deployed resources over time
  • Utilize tool-driven insights to shape FinOps strategy
  • Establish an accelerated baseline for collaboration across engineering, finance, technology, and business teams

Minimize Cloud Complexity With Comprehensive Benefits

A group of colleagues brainstorming.

Cloud FinOps IQ Ignites Transformation With…


  • Conduct discovery workshops
  • Define cloud estate scope
  • Configure billing adapters
  • Review security access

Preliminary Deliverables

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Cloud FinOps IQ Fuels Innovation With…


  • Analyze findings and reports
  • Identify unused assets
  • Optimize instances
  • Enhance automation opportunities
  • Investigate hybrid licensing and reservations
  • Review cloud architecture

Preliminary Deliverables

Glowing data charts and symbols hovering over a tablet.

Cloud FinOps IQ Shapes Strategy With…


  • Design and plan cost optimization
  • Collaborate on remediation proposals
  • Collect summary reports
  • Create a roadmap for implementation

Preliminary Deliverables

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