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Curbside Pickup with perficient

Retail Accelerator

Create the socially-distanced last-mile-experience your customers expect.

What It Is

Curbside Pickup With PerficientSM is a quick and simple solution to facilitate curbside pickup, giving employees the tools they need to communicate with customers, fulfill orders, and maintain social distancing.

Powered by Twilio, this curbside pickup solution:

  • Supports contactless communication, reducing fear of physical interaction and improving customer satisfaction
  • Gives employees the tools needed to fulfill curbside pickup orders more efficiently
  • Reduces the need for time-consuming or missed customer phone calls, improving employee productivity
  • Integrates with existing order management solutions (OMS)
  • Built-in analytics tools show impact and performance of curbside pickup

Our Approach

The engagement lasts two weeks.

Week 1: Twilio platform configured and customized for client; integrations with alerting and order management systems put in place

Week 2: Platform launched; documentation and corporate-level training provided

The Delivered Experience

1. Customer receives notification their order is ready for pickup

2. Customer arrives, texts the designated number, and answers questions about location, vehicle description, etc.

3. Employee receives an alert that the customer has arrived, along with any location information

4. Employee delivers order to the customer’s vehicle

5. Employee confirms fulfillment via mobile or workstation, order status is updated and synced with OMS

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