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Experience-Driven AI

Take your customer journey to the next level.

What It Is

CX AI℠ is an approach to defining how artificial intelligence (AI) can make the biggest impact on your customer experience. Built on Perficient's Now/New/Next framework, this offering will show you how to amplify the right moments in your customer journeys with machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing.

A CX AI engagement will help you:

  • Rapidly accelerate your AI adoption
  • Focus your AI efforts on the most important and competitive elements of your brand and customer experience
  • Socialize and communicate how AI will make a difference in your organization and to your customers

Our Approach

The engagement lasts three to four weeks.

Week 1: Customer analysis and experience mapping

Week 2: Mapping experiences to AI capabilities, technologies, and platforms

Week 3: Visualizing the AI experience and defining the AI roadmap

What You Get

As part of your CX AI engagement, you'll receive:

  • A starter portfolio of visualized, AI-powered customer experiences
  • A candidate suite of AI technology, capabilities, and platforms
  • An initial roadmap of recommendations and initiatives to get started

Ensure Your Business is Prepared for Anything