Accelerated Modeling Process

Define and create your ideal customer experience in weeks, not years.

What It Is

CX AMP℠ provides an innovative approach to defining and mapping your customer experience (CX) strategic vision. Through a collaborative process that emphasizes rapid ideation and execution, we can help you quickly visualize your ideal CX.

What You Get

As part of your CX AMP engagement, you'll receive:

  • Experience vision showing your future CX
  • Capabilities assessment to identify what’s needed to deliver on that vision
  • Execution plan to define the path to success

What's Included

We research your customers and competitive landscape to identify issues and opportunities and establish a shared vision of success. We also explore your customer journey to better understand how customers interact across multiple touchpoints. We then use that insight to document and prioritize the required features for your CX and identify the technology needed to implement the vision.

The engagement lasts six weeks.

Weeks 1-2: Vision workshops, customer interviews, and technical assessment

Weeks 3-4: Ideation sessions, experience visualization, and project prioritization

Weeks 5-6: Execution and planning

Get A Jumpstart on Your Customer Experience