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Digital Marketing Assessment

Analytics and Tag Management

Are you making decisions based on “bad data?” This 4-week assessment will analyze the accuracy of your data and identify any gaps in your reporting and tagging to help you make faster, more accurate data-driven decisions.

What It Is

The Digital Marketing Analytics and Tag Management Assessment is a quick way to evaluate your existing analytics and tag management setup to uncover issues with tags or data capture and ensure tags are set up properly, firing correctly, and relaying data accurately. It also analyzes your reporting to determine data validity and integrity.

What's Included

The engagement lasts four weeks and includes:

  • In-depth review of your existing tag management solution
  • Identification of any tagging gaps or opportunities
  • Assessment of your analytics platform setup
  • Review of your reporting to ensure accuracy
  • Development of an analytics roadmap detailing critical issues, opportunities, and recommendations
  • Stakeholder project wrap-up call reviewing documentation, answering questions, and identifying next steps

What You Get

As part of your Analytics and Tag Management Assessment, you’ll receive:

  • Tagging Solution Document detailing existing tagging, errors, gaps, and opportunities
  • Measurement Framework reviewing KPIs, reports, data connectors, and example outputs
  • Analytics Roadmap providing a plan for enhancement and remediation of tagging and reporting platforms

Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for Anything