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Marketo-Magento Connector

Integrate Commerce and Marketing Automation

Connect your Adobe products for a seamless buying journey.

What It Is

It’s no secret that successful commerce means being able to connect with your buyers both before and after the transaction.

But how do you communicate with prospects and customers in a personalized, timely manner to increase revenue? You need to connect your Marketo Engage and Magento Commerce platforms.

Our Approach

We are an Adobe Platinum Partner, specialized in Marketo Engage and Magento Commerce. Our experienced team will work with you to integrate your Marketo Engage and Magento Commerce platforms to harness the full power of marketing automation and commerce solutions. In doing so, you will be able to better understand your buyers’ behavior and nurture them through their buying journey.

Our engagement includes:

  • Our Marketo and Magento architects hosting a business discovery session to identify connector data points and email use cases.
  • Integrating Marketo and Magento, and a Marketo architect will build a templated email campaign for your program.
  • A Marketo architect to design, execute, test, launch, and provide reports on use case nurture.

What You Get

The connector will help increase conversions and customer loyalty and decrease cost of service and attrition through integrated, automated systems, processes, and communications.

At the same time, your internal teams will be able to better understand your buyers based on their behaviors and nurture them on their journey.

This connector also includes:

  • Base set of modules that can be used in Marketo’s Email Send Program template
  • Ready-to-use email templates that include program status channel configuration
  • Marketo-Magento connector that includes a customer, company, and order data push to Marketo and triggers emails
  • Initial Marketo email send based on the template provided, as well as Marketo list upload, program configuration, and reporting to gauge email send success

Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for Anything