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MAX for marketo

Marketing Automation Express

Enable email campaign creation outside of Marketo Engage

What It Is

While Marketo Engage is a powerful marketing automation tool, creating email campaigns quickly can be tricky if you do not have expert platform support.

MAX for Marketo from Perficient streamlines the email campaign creation process by enabling any team member, regardless of Marketo expertise, to create an email campaign.

MAX for Marketo gives you the ability to:

  • Create email campaigns outside of Marketo Engage with a customized template
  • Enable additional team members to use the platform, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing velocity of email campaign creation
  • Establish a low training barrier and increase ease of use

Our Approach

This engagement lasts three weeks.

Week 1: Our team leads a discovery session to identify your business needs.

Week 2: We will examine your current Marketo email templates and select which to use, determine the template updates needed, and identify any needed application updates.

Week 3: We will establish user selection, test your templates to ensure an efficient process, and provide comprehensive team training.

What You Get

While MAX for Marketo is specifically for existing Marketo users, we are an award-winning Adobe Marketo partner and can also assist your team if you do not have Marketo but would like to implement the platform.

What you get with MAX for Marketo:

  • Up to three email, event, or default configurable program templates
  • A provisioned and configured MAX tool including user onboarding and training

Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for Anything