Order Management Assessment

Create a seamless ordering experience from shopping cart to doorstep.

What It Is

OM IQ℠ is a jump-start tool to help you achieve improved scalability and international support for your company’s wholesale and/or retail global inventory visibility and order management processing.

What's Included

The engagement includes an assessment of your product set-up & pricing, inventory optimization & forecasting, delineation of responsibilities (OM & ERP), buy-online pick up in store, ship from store, pick pack and ship vs dropship and reverse logistics.

We’ll also provide an overview of your OM technology / capability, order fulfillment architecture diagram, and a high-level ROM + implementation roadmap.

The engagement lasts two weeks.

What You Get

As part of your OM IQ engagement, you'll receive:

  • Summary of relative industry best practices
  • Assessment recommendations of OM goals and gaps
  • Future state systems architecture diagram and integrations
  • High level project timeline and roadmap

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