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Site Speed and Stability

Jumpstart your site speed and stability.

What It Is

Performance IQ℠ is an overall review of your sites to detect bottlenecks that cause slowdowns and outages and can sabotage conversion. Review includes application, databases, integrations, environment, alerts, and early detection mechanisms.

What's Included

We develop automated test scripts for key areas, do internal (app, environment, and integrations) and external (browser) timings and analysis, and conduct two rounds of testing and recommendations.

The engagements lasts four weeks.

Weeks 1-2: Outlining peak volume and response time targets, identifying user scenarios to be tested, and developing performance test scripts

Weeks 3-4: Performance testing, analysis, and adjustments, as well as delivery of results and recommendations

What You Get

As part of your Performance IQ engagement, you'll receive:

  • Analysis on effectiveness of automated detection and alert mechanisms
  • Recommendations to reduce bottlenecks
  • Formal report on findings and measurements
  • Remediation of bottlenecks (optional)

Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for Anything