Platform Select Jumpstart

Evaluate Your Options

Make the most of your platform selection process.

What It Is

Platform Select provides you with an experienced team to assist with all the critical steps in selecting a technology platform. We use established research on enterprise vendors to take you through the entire process quicker than a standard RFP while still ensuring all business requirements are met.

Our Approach

Our experienced team of digital strategists and platform subject matter experts will prioritize your use cases and requirements. This leads to narrowing down your vendor list and scoring vendors to optionally estimate the total cost of ownership. Ultimately, we will select the best vendor for your business needs.

  • Week 1-2: Prepare requirements and business use cases
  • Week 3: Narrow the vendor list for review
  • Weeks 4-5: Evaluate the best option for your business needs
  • Week 6: Select the best vendor

What You Get

  • Identify and prioritize use cases and requirements
  • Vendor evaluation report
  • Demonstration report
  • TCO Analysis (optional)

Your Options

Platform Select applies to a variety of technologies, including:

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