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Platform SelectION Jumpstart

Find the Right Platform in Under Six Weeks

Perficient's Platform Selection Jumpstart evaluates a variety of platform types to meet your technology needs, whether it's commerce, CMS, artificial intelligence, data, or others. The jumpstart guides your team through identifying your key requirements, provides insights into how certain vendors will meet your needs, and demonstrates the platforms to help you make a final decision.

Understand the Three-Step Decision Process

Perficent’s Principal Enterprise Architect for CX Platforms, Mark Polly, describes what you’ll experience by choosing our Platform Selection Jumpstart.

The Best Platform for You – Backed by Research and Requirements

Perficient's Platform Selection Jumpstart uses our proprietary process, extensive catalog of requirements, and established research on enterprise vendors to help you evaluate, narrow, and choose a platform in just six weeks.

Benefits of the Platform Selection Jumpstart

Get a Jump Start on Your Platform Selection