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Circuit board with a microchips and cyan led backlight.
Circuit board with a microchips and cyan led backlight.
Sitecore upgrade assessment

Upgrade Confidently With Perficient's Sitecore Upgrade Assessment

Sitecore Upgrades can be challenging. If you're uncertain about the upgrade approach or the complexity of dealing with depreciated areas of your solution, Perficient can help with our comprehensive upgrade assessment in as little as three weeks.

Perficient’s Sitecore Upgrade Assessment 

Sitecore Upgrades can be challenging. If you’re uncertain about the upgrade approach or the complexity of dealing with depreciated areas of your solution, our three-week comprehensive upgrade assessment can help. Our approach consists of the following steps:

  • Environment & DevOps Review – We’ll review your current platform topology, infrastructure, and DevOps process. To ensure your target environment is properly sized, we’ll review your traffic, performance, and licensing to make sure the future state platform can support your requirements both now and in the future.
  • Sitecore Configuration & Solution Review – We'll assess your existing Sitecore instances and the configuration of your sites and services. We’ll also conduct a comprehensive review of your solutions to look for dependencies on obsolete or depreciated code.
  • Upgrade Assessment Workshop & Future-state Platform Design – We’ll share our findings from the existing platform reviews and discuss key upgrade considerations to help us finalize the target-state platform architecture. 
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Upgrade Considerations

As part of the Upgrade Assessment workshop, we’ll align on the desired future-state architecture and discuss considerations that impact the future platform design, including:

  • Target Sitecore Version Type – If you aren’t fully leveraging Sitecore’s marketing features, you may consider whether it makes sense to upgrade to Sitecore XM instead of XP and the impacts on functionality, cost, and operations.
  • Kubernetes or App Services – The latest versions of Sitecore natively support Kubernetes and AKS. Depending on your organization’s capabilities and readiness to support Kubernetes, we’ll help determine the right approach for hosting your environments.
  • Usage of Glass – Upgrading to the latest version of Glass can be challenging. We’ll work with you to determine whether to upgrade or remove dependencies from your solution.
  • Forms – You may consider moving from Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) to Sitecore Forms or evaluating new features including CAPTCHA support.
  • Security – Improve platform security by connecting Sitecore’s Identity server to Azure AD.
  • Item Serialization Strategies – Moving from TDS (Team Development for Sitecore) to Unicorn or leveraging Sitecore’s CLI to align to best practices.
  • Headless – Sitecore Headless services can be enabled, including both the layout service and GraphQL endpoints.

At the end of this engagement, you’ll have a clear vision of your target platform architecture, as well as the approach, effort, and timeline needed to complete the upgrade.

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