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User Experience Assessment

Elevate your user experience

What It Is

UX IQSM quickly evaluates how successful your digital property is in providing an exceptional user experience and gives specific, actionable ways to improve that experience across 10 categories and 100 markers.

A UX IQSM engagement will: 

  • Starting with 20 screens of digital property, assess areas of friction and frustration 
  • Determine whether the experience is: findable, credible, understandable, intuitive, usable, accessible, helpful, functional, enjoyable, and exceptional
  • Focus on one device (desktop or mobile) based on your preference or user volume
  • Provide actionable, pragmatic, prioritized recommendations for improving the experience

The Costs of a Bad Experience

The Benefits of a Good Experience

Our Approach

The engagement lasts two weeks.

Week 1: Kickoff, Experience Walkthrough, and Audit

Week 2: Scoring, Analysis Documentation, and Outcome Walkthrough


  • UX IQSM Scorecard
  • Insights and Recommendations
  • Includes accessibility design insights on areas that don’t meet WCAG 2.1 design AA guidelines
  • Proposed Action Plan

Find Out if UX IQ is Right for You