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Amazon Connect Health Check

The contact center is the front line of every business. It is often a customer’s first and only point of contact with the company and thus is pivotal in cultivating and sustaining brand loyalty. Delivering a poor customer experience can not only frustrate and turn away existing customers, it can lead to negative word of mouth that does long-term damage to the brand.

Our Amazon Connect Health Check can help identify subpar caller experiences, point out contact center management inefficiencies, and recognize gaps in Amazon Connect and AWS best practices.

What is the Health Check?

As organizations digitally transform with cloud, ongoing development and improvements often take a back seat or are overlooked entirely. Our health check assessment is an impartial evaluation of your Amazon Connect implementation, as well as the supporting AWS services and cloud infrastructure, to identify areas for improvement.

What’s Included?

During the health check, we will inspect the following areas:

  • Contact flows (IVRs) and supporting Lambda functions
  • Reporting and analytics with Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Lex and self-servicing overview
  • Third-party integrations
  • Front-end analysis of custom Admin Portals and Amazon Connect CCP (softphone)
  • AWS environment strategy
  • CI/CD recommendations

Depending on the size of the Amazon Connect solution, its integration points and number of environments, the health check takes two to three weeks.


Once the health check is completed, you will receive a detailed report with the following:

  • Summary of your current implementation and supporting infrastructure
  • Problems identified and suggested next steps
  • Recommended areas of improvement
  • Suggestions on additional Amazon Connect features to incorporate

How Can Perficient Help You?

If you need guidance on improving your customer experience, contact center’s efficiency, or cloud contact center technology best practices, we can help. We are an APN Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Connect with a unique set of skills and expertise to accelerate your cloud, agent, and customer experience.

We help enterprise clients transform and modernize their contact center experience with Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services.For more information on how Perficient can help you get the most out of Amazon Connect, please contact us here.

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