Perficient’s Amazon Connect Experience Early Adopter Program 

Enhance the Power of Amazon Connect With PACE

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use, cloud-based customer contact center that helps you create powerful customer engagement solutions. However, several commonly requested features are not included out-of-the-box. Additionally, Amazon Connect on its own is not a fully managed solution.

Perficient’s Amazon Connect Experience (PACE) solution amplifies the power of Amazon Connect with several added features and managed services. PACE delivers a next-generation cloud-based contact center powered by Amazon Connect that is ready for deployment and packed with features.  

What Is PACE? 

  • Our next-generation contact center powered by Amazon Connect
  • Provides a suite of frequently requested features that are essential for customer engagement
  • Delivers an enhanced, cloud-based contact center that is ready for production deployment
  • Extensive possibilities for integration with AWS’s diverse ecosystem
  • Includes a systematic and seamless transition from your legacy environment to a modern cloud-based contact center

PACE Features 

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Voicemail capabilities
  • Queue closure messages
  • Contact flows adapt on a per-customer basis
  • Automatic chat translations from Spanish to English
  • Amazon Lex Chatbots (the same technology that powers Alexa)

Improved Agent Experience

  • Enhanced client attributes
  • Queue performance metrics

Added Management and Administration Resources

  • Prompt manager
  • Holiday calendar
  • Open platform for integrations

PACE Early Adopter Benefits 

  • Discounts for participating
  • Configure your agents, queues, and call flows in PACE to be equivalent to your current contact center
  • Prioritize features on our roadmap based on your feedback
  • Ability to input on decisions involving feature functionality and services capabilities

Transitioning to PACE

Ready to Take Your Contact Center to The Next Level?