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Amazon Connect

Perficient’s Amazon Connect Thought Leadership

Stay up to date as Perficient’s thought leaders and technical experts navigate the contact center sphere to identify our clients’ most common challenges, trends, and advances in technology.

Recent Thought Leadership

Amazon Connect’s Unified Agent Application

Organizations use different tools to automate and consolidate their IT services, operations, and business management. One popular tool is ServiceNow; however, with the rising trend of empowering employees and taking the customer experience to the next level, it often gets enhanced with Amazon Connect for telephony support.

Adaptive, Reliable Consulting for Amazon Connect Implementations

Perficient’s delivery teams use adaptive and responsive consulting to help our clients disrupt the contact center market with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Connect. We understand that each client is unique and each requires a tailored execution path to achieve the best results.

Advanced Lex: Collecting Alphanumeric Part Numbers

Companies with service technicians can leverage an advanced Lex technique to allow their IVR to accept alphanumeric part numbers without complicated dialing schemes. An IVR that can accept part numbers, invoice numbers, and various other complex identifiers easily and accurately can speed up processing and increase customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Thought Leaders

Enhancing the Power of Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use, cloud-based customer contact center that helps you create powerful customer engagement solutions. However, several commonly requested features are not included out-of-the-box. Additionally, Amazon Connect on its own is not a fully managed solution.

More on PACE

Sentiment Analysis, Scheduled Reports and More!

The new Sentiment Analysis Tab in PACE provides insight into a caller’s positive, negative, or neutral attitude as the call progresses and offers next-best-action recommendations based on pre-configured rules. Agents can view turn-by-turn transcripts and sentiment data along with an overall sentiment score for the interaction. This lessens the need for agents to take notes during calls and enables agents to focus on providing positive customer interactions.

Facebook and Instagram Messaging, and Customizable Dashboards

PACE now supports Facebook and Instagram as inbound messaging channels! This brand-new integration allows agents to directly handle customer interactions from both Meta platforms for a seamless customer experience. This integration marks the beginning of our planned expansion of channels this year.

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