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Amazon Redshift Service Delivery

Modernize Your Legacy Data Warehouse With Amazon Redshift 

Enterprises often encounter three primary challenges when trying to make smart business decisions using legacy enterprise data warehouses: cost, scalability, and time.

Legacy enterprise data warehouses are costly, lack the flexibility to change or scale, and time to value can impede progress  leaving you unable to access your data when you need it.

Modernizing your data warehouse with Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse can solve these challenges and, ensure you get the most out of your migration.

Modernization Methodology

Architect and Plan

Leveraging our best practices over countless data warehouse migrations, we will evaluate your current environment and help you determine the ideal approach to your Amazon Redshift modernization.

  • Evaluate licensing adequately
  • Assess the use of accelerators
  • Determine the cut-over strategy and level of change
  • Build a sprint plan for core migration and transition
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Core Migration

Next, we’ll create a deployment and integration strategy for cloud services that take your policies, procedures, and business objectives into consideration.

  • Provision cloud environments
  • Migrate/refactor ETL and BI
  • Functional and integration testing
  • Initial historical data load
  • Build detail transition and cut-over plan


We will ensure a successful transition and make sure options to scale are in place for future deployment.

  • Acceptance testing
  • Test DR/back-up solution
  • Implement cut-over plan
  • Build a roadmap for future enhancements
  • Enable new capabilities (AI/ML and data discover)
  • Implement change management
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Enhance the New and Decomission the OId

Following the transition , we will monitor the new environment for optimization opportunities while working to fully decommission the legacy enterprise data warehouse.

  • Performance and cost optimization
  • Refactor and enhance
  • Delivery new use cases
  • Decommission legacy enterprise data warehouse (EDW)
  • Monitor environment and usage

Why Amazon Redshift?

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Why Perficient?

We’re a certified Amazon Web Services Partner with more than 10 years of experience delivering enterprise-level Amazon applications and expertise in cloud platform solutions, contact center, application modernization, developer and management tools, IoT, severless, security, and more.

Combined with our more than 20 years of data experience across industries, we are are your ideal partner to deliver complex migration initatives including data, cloud, QA/testing, and program management.

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