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Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) 

We are one of nine launch partners for Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), a fully managed and jointly supported offering that combines the power of OpenShift and AWS public cloud.

ROSA delivers the production-ready Kubernetes that many enterprises already use on premises today, simplifying the ability to shift workloads to AWS public cloud as business dictates. With ROSA, you’re able to realize faster time to market and increased ROI, among other benefits.

Three Months to Engineering Excellence with OpenShift on AWS

We have created a jumpstart, accelerator, and pilot program to migrate existing Java applications to Kubernetes in under 12 weeks by leveraging a Kubernetes operator to establish a foundation for modern application development that will drive your organization’s success for years to come.

The operator manages the entire lifecycle of your applications by using simple abstractions to describe them. Your development teams can benefit from the many capabilities of containers on Day 1 without the steep learning curve, using the tools and languages they already know.

Leveraging OpenShift and AWS, our turnkey environment enables you to get from zero to production within days, accelerating your application modernization capabilities.

These offerings include best practices and a customized solution to best fit your needs, as well as a number of capabilities and tool sets, including:

  • GitOps/Infrastructure-as-code
  • End-to-end cloud-native CI/CD (Tekton)
  • External application configuration and secrets
  • Kubernetes API extensions for Spring Boot and JS applications (CRDs)
  • Modern release flow
  • Custom JVM/Spring Boot metrics monitoring and alerts
  • Advanced logs management
  • APIM and tracking
  • Vertical and horizontal auto-scaling
  • Service mesh (security, fault-tolerance, blue/green deployments, etc.)

About Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

ROSA provides an integrated OpenShift experience. If you’re already using OpenShift, you can quickly accelerate your application development process by leveraging familiar OpenShift APIs and tools for deployments on AWS. ROSA lets you use the full range of AWS services to easily and efficiently build secure and scalable applications with benefits including:

  • A clear path to running in the cloud
  • The ability to deliver high-quality applications faster
  • Flexible, cost-efficient pricing
  • Joint support from Red Hat and AWS

Contact & Support

  • For Enterprise Pricing and Professional Services, please contact us.
  • For installation and usage support, please download our manual.
  • Receive limited, complimentary support provided by Perficient’s engineers. Send a request to asking to join our Slack workspace, and we’ll send you an invitation.

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