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App Modernization and Innovation

Deliver Business Initiatives by Modernizing to Azure Services

Your need to become more flexible and efficient is growing every day. Legacy system support hinders your ability to deliver new solutions. Outdated infrastructure and monolithic codebases are too risky to enhance and deploy. Siloed data hides potential insights in dark corners. Keeping your head above water in this “maintain” situation prevents innovation on your emerging business priorities. Resiliency, maintainability and usability suffer for end users and internal consumers, adding pressure to already overwhelmed IT teams. Frustration and attrition can quickly follow.

With Microsoft Azure and modern solution delivery concepts, you can break down your monolithic applications and modernize the way your business operates by taking advantage of technologies such as PaaS services, microservice architecture, container orchestration, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, and more.

Save Time and Money

The legacy systems and monolithic applications that once served you well are now holding you back. Their inflexibility is costing you time and money and limiting your opportunities. Not only is maintenance an issue, but your legacy infrastructure is also a drain on your resources – both in terms of people and finances.

By modernizing and innovating with Azure, your infrastructure and service investments are focused on delivering business outcomes. Cloud-first development and solution delivery make your enhancements and deployments a daily process, with trusted and secure automation. Applications evolve alongside business priorities not frozen in time to avoid risky large deployments on outdated platforms. Your teams are freed up to focus on development value and operational insight.

Enhance the User Experience

Both your internal and external consumers benefit when you modernize your applications. For those within your business, processes become simpler, mobile-friendly, more automated, efficient, and increase collaboration in servicing customers effectively. External users expect and embrace modern user experiences that simplify basic tasks and provide access to your business from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The App Innovation and Modernization Journey

No modernization journey is the same. You have unique applications, data platforms, operational requirements, tribal knowledge, compliance and security policies, business priorities, and existing team skillsets that distinguish your approach and will help define your path forward.

We work with enterprises across industries to help establish a secure cloud foundation alongside our programmatic approach to assess, migrate, and modernize applications and data platforms at scale. Our unique range of capabilities and partnerships makes us the perfect partner to lead your infrastructure, application, data, DevOps and user experience modernization.

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