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Power Platform 

Empower Your Business

Your company is full of potential. People throughout the organization have ideas about how things can be improved to make the business even more efficient and cost effective. The issue is that it’s often difficult to harness all this potential and determine what you want to (or can) do next. Traditionally, development is a large-scale operation that requires prioritization because you know you can only do so much. That’s all changed with Power Platform and the maker movement.

The maker movement is built on the idea that it isn’t just developers that can develop applications that make a difference. Power Platform, the low-code/no-code development platform, enables non-developers to create applications that can help power your business.

But that’s not all that Power Platform is.

Build. Automate. Analyze.

Power Platform is a collection of some of Microsoft’s leading tools, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. This means that not only can you build solutions with Power Platform, but you can also analyze data, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

This helps everyone in your business make data-informed decisions, automate cumbersome processes to increase efficiency, rapidly develop applications that solve business problems across your clouds, and create chatbots that can communicate with your employees and customers.

Power Platform extends beyond Microsoft 365 and can be integrated with both Dynamics 365 and Azure as well, giving you the ability to create vital business applications and leverage the flexibility and resilience of Azure. There are even connectors that can help you leverage data you have in other platforms, including Salesforce, JIRA, Twilio, and ServiceNow.

Let Power Platform Bring Those Great Ideas to Life

Enabling your colleagues to bring their ideas to life empowers them to improve your business. Having guardrails is important, though, in order to make sure there are conventions throughout the business that enable everyone. We specialize in governance and partner with clients to create a Power Platform center of excellence (CoE) that sets up your people and your business for success with Power Platform.

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